Transportation and Accommodation

Transportation from/to the Yerevan Airport “Zvartnots”( will be provided by the organizers. Information on the arrival date, time and flight number should be sent to the Local Organizing Committee.

During the Symposium the participants will be accommodated at the Nor Amberd hotel. Nor Amberd International Conference Center of Alikhanyan Physics Institute is located on the slopes of Mount Aragats near the village of Byurakan, Aragatsotn District, Armenia. The Center has a rich tradition of hosting high energy physics schools and is well equipped for international forums.

Nearby hotels will serve as  comfortable accommodations and the special Internet classes will provide 24 hours Internet to the conference participants. The data analysis and visualisations tools will help the participants to watch the work of world-wide networks of particle detectors registering various solar and atmospheric events.

See some of the site and hotel pictures below:

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