• Committee on Space Research 35th COSPAR SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLY PARIS, FRANCE, 18 - 25 JULY 2004
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  • International Multiconference On:Information and Intelligent Technologies and Applications, Feb.24-March 4, 2004, IRAN
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  • Multilateral Workshops on:INTELLIGENT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN CONTROL AND DATA PROCESSING- IITinCDP'04 And NEURAL NETWORKS (6th Irano- Armenian Workshop), 28- 29 February, 2004, IPM Conference Hall, Bahonar (Niavaran) Square, Tehran, IRAN
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  • 19th European Cosmic Ray Symposium, August 30 - September 3, 2004, Florence, Italy
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    CRD Presentations
  1. A.Chilingarian,V.Babayan, N. Bostanjyan, G.Karapetyan, M.Zazyan, Correlated Measurements of the secondary cosmic ray fluxes by the Neutron Monitors and Muon Telescopes, invited talk;
  2. A. Chilingarian, G..Hovsepyan, G. Gharagyozyan, S. Ghazaryan, L.Melkumyan, and A.Vardanyan Light and Heavy Cosmic Ray Mass Group Energy Spectra as measured by the MAKET-ANI detector, poster; 
  3. A. Chilingarian, G.Hovsepyan, G. Gharagyozyan, G.Karapetyan, and A.Vardanyan On the Detection of the Signal from the Monogem Ring by the MAKET-ANI Detector, poster.

  1. A. Chilingarian et al., The analysis of events (28-29) 2003 by instruments of ASEC, ACE and GOES
  2. S. Blokhin et al., Lateral distribution function of EAS electrons in range105 3107 as measured by the Maket-ANI