Here you may download the ANI software package source code provided you agree to the provisions stated in the Copyright Notice.

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Copyright Notice

ANI Software package, corresponding documentation and any other published materials associated with the software and originated in the Cosmic Ray Division of the Yerevan Physics Institute (CRD) are the property of the CRD.

All materials are Copyright. Copyright for the mentioned materials is reserved worldwide, and is protected by the Copyright Law and respective International Treaties signed by the Republic of Armenia. References to the ANI software package are obligatory.

Source code of the program is the property of CRD. It is distributed freely, is protected by the Copyright, and cannot be modified without the written permission of the Head of the CRD.


Software is distributed AS IS, and neither CRD nor the Yerevan Physics Institute can be held liable for any kind of material or other damage incurred as a result of the use of ANI package or other associated documentation. Authors of the ANI package, proprietors of the software, and the Yerevan Physics Institute undertake no obligation for the maintenance of the software, and/or bear no legal responsibility for the correctness of the software.


If you agree to the conditions stated in the Copyright Notice and our Disclaimer you can download the latest release of the ANI package (ani-97-05) clicking here

ANI executable file (this executable file was compiled on Debian Linux, you will need CERN lib for correct usage)
ANI source zip formatted file
ANI source cmz formatted file

Here you can download ANI User's Manual in PDF (24MB) or PS (12MB) format.