Monday, 14 October
Session 1: Multivariate observations of particles and fields
1.Ashot Chilingarian
 Natural Gamma radiation measured during thunderstorms

2. Bagrat Mailyan
Analysis of Individual Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor Data

3.Vitaly Bogomolov
Atmospheric Gamma-Ray Time Profiles Measured During Thunderstorms in Moscow Region and at Aragats Station.

4.Balabek Sargsyan
Origin of the low-energy gamma ray flux of the long-lasting thunderstorm ground enhancements(TGEs)

5.Roberta Colalillo 
RGe at UHECR energies

6. Gagik Hovsepyan
On the angular distribution of the low-energy components of TGErecorded at mountain heights.

7. Alek Elbekian
Correlation of the electric field and Rn progenies intensity

8. Davit Aslanyan
Thunderstorms Ground Enhancement (TGE) events observed on Aragats in 2018-2019 years

Tuesday, 15 October

Session 2. Registration of atmospheric electric fields and discharges 
1. Suren Soghomonyan
Termination of thunderstorm-related bursts of energetic radiation and particles by inverted intracloud and hybrid lightning discharges

2.Ekaterina Svechnikova

3.Hripsime Mkrtchyan
Electric Field Polarity Asymmetry in the Occurrence of Thunderstorms Ground Enhancements during the End of Storm Oscillation(EOSO). Radar diagnosis of the thundercloud electron accelerator.

4. Arsen Ghalumyan
Features of Electric Field Measurements during Thunderstorms Using Polarization LIDAR System.

5.Aleksander Kostinski
The Mechanism of the Origin and Development of Lightning from the Initial Event to the IBPs.

6. Jakub Slegl
Role of actual atmospheric variables in the model of cosmic ray induced ionization

7.Artem Syssoev 
Numerical modeling of stepping process in negative lightning leaders

8. Egor Stadnichuk
Completely random reactor model for the RREA initation

9.Timur Khamitov
Simulation of RREA and an VHF signal generated by decelerating electrons

Wednesday, 16 October

Session 3. Models of atmosphere electrification and acceleration.

1. Gayane Karapetyan
Atmospheric Discharge classification with machine learning algorithms

2.Eduard Mnatsakanyan
Estimation of volumetric activity Radon at Aragats outdoors and indoors(SKL) using the intensity of the Bi214 line (609 keV)

3.Suren Hovakimyan
The possibility of using data`s of lightning detectors for short-team earthquakes predictions.

Thursday, 17 October
Session 4. Instrumentation
1. Rinat Fakhrutdinov
The Tomograph Based on Drift Tubes for Atmospheric Muins Registration

2.Leonid Sorokin
Experience of operation Blitzortung lightning detector array in Armenia

3.Aleksandra Kachhur 
Thundercloud imaging by means of muon hodoscope URAGAN and Doppler weather radar DMRL-C