The following are the performance requirements for the measurements: - Flight height: between 3200m to at least 3700m above sea level (at least 500m above the Aragats Research Station)
- Individual flight duration: at least 30 minutes 
- Measurements to be taken: height, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure at a rate of 1 Hz 
- Measurements to be taken: electric field and ionization radiation at a rate of 1 Hz in 50m intervals. 

In atmospheric physics, it is essential to study atmospheric electricity to understand thundercloud charging and lightning initiation. To do this, a vehicle such as a balloon or a drone must be launched during thunderstorm time and be capable of withstanding strong winds. Unfortunately, we lack sufficient data and models to explain these complex phenomena. Recent research at Aragats on thunderstorm ground enhancements (TGEs) has shown the existence of electron accelerators in thunderclouds and strong electric fields near the earth's surface. However, to confirm these discoveries, more atmospheric measurements are required.

Materials For RADA
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