Dates: 29 January-2 February , 2018 

Location: Bern, Swiss.


Talk: Ashot Chilingarian:Validation of TGE/TGF models with Aragats observations


2.Atmospheric Electricity Network: coupling with the Earth System, climate and biological systems

Dates: 26 September -28 September, 2018

Location:Limassol,  Cyprus

Talk:Hripsime Mkrtchyan:Presentations of finished STSMs

3.AtmoHEAD is a periodic 3-day international workshop on atmospheric monitoring and calibration for high-energy astroparticle detectors and experiments, with a view towards next-generation facilities.

Dates: 24 September -26 September, 2018

Location: Villa Orlandi  via Lo Pozzo - Anacapri Europe/Rome 


Dates: 10-14 December, 2018

Location: Washington, USA

This year’s meeting promises to mark many “firsts.” The first Fall Meeting held in Washington, D.C.  A focus on ethics, diversity and inclusion. Exploration of the many dimensions of science’s impact on society.

Maximize your experience with one or more of the field trips and workshops offered on Sunday, 9 December. And don’t miss the high-energy Centennial Plenary on Friday, 14 December: rapid-fire presentations that showcase the discoveries, innovations, connections, and solutions of the last 100 years and that predict how our science will grow and impact the world through the next century.

Be inspired by our keynote speakers throughout the week: Lisa Jackson, Vice President Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives at Apple; James Balog, Founder and Director, Earth Vision Institute and Extreme Ice Survey; and Dr. Jim Reilly, Director, United States Geological Survey.


Day: 12 December, 2018

Location: Convention Ctr-Hall A-C (Poster Hall),

Authors: Ashot Agassi Chilingarian, Gayane Karapetyan, Hripsime Mkrtchyan, Balabek Sargsyan, Suren Chilingarian

Abstract:The natural electron accelerator in the clouds above Aragats high‑altitude research station in Armenia operates continuously in 2017 providing more than 100 Thunderstorm Ground enhancements (TGEs). Raw data are available from via the ADEI interactive WEB platform. Most important discovery based on analysis of 2017 data is observation and description of the long‑lasting low energy TGE (LLL TGE); TGE started with low energy flux of several tens of minutes, turning to short intense peak containing high‑energy particles; further decay of TGE extended several hours...

Day: 12 December, 2018

Location: Convention Ctr-Hall A-C (Poster Hall),

Authors: Ashot Agassi Chilingarian, Tigran Karapetyan, Hripsime Mkrtchyan, Balabek Sargsyan, Bagrat Mailyan, Gagik Hovsepyan

Abstract:We present differential energy spectra of electrons and gamma rays from 4 largest TGEs observed at Mount Aragats in Armenia during last 10 years. The large area particle spectrometers (4m ) allows increase the maximal detectable energy well above 50 MeV, that was the maximal energy for the reported spectra obtained by the NaI crystals...

Day: 10 December, 2018

Location: Convention Ctr-Hall A-C (Poster Hall),

Authors: Hripsime Mkrtchyan, Gayane Karapetyan

Abstract:Climate change and natural hazardous phenomena are one of the most important and crucial topics nowadays; in particular, special attention should be paid to the phenomena related to thunderstorms and atmospheric electric field measurements. As it was shown in the past, thunderstorm activity is related to the fair weather through global electric circuit. It is already well known that fluctuations of atmospheric vertical electric field during fair weather are local effects related to the increased turbulence during the morning hours...


Author: Lev I. Dorman,

Abstract: The present monograph as well as the next one (Dorman, M2005) is a result of more than 50 years working in cosmic ray (CR) research. After graduation in December 1950 Moscow Lomonosov State University (Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics Division, the Team of Theoretical Physics), my supervisor Professor D.I. Blokhintsev planned for me, as a winner of a Red Diploma, to continue my education as an aspirant (a graduate student) to prepare for Ph.D. in his very secret Object in the framework of what was in those time called the Atomic Problem. To my regret the KGB withheld permission, and I, together with other Jewish students who had graduated Nuclear Divisions of Moscow and Leningrad Universities and Institutes, were faced with a real prospect of being without any work...