23rd European Cosmic Ray Symposium

DATES: July, 3 – 7, 2012

LOCATION: Moscow, Russia

The 23rd European Cosmic Ray Symposium ECRS-2012 will be held at the Lomonosov Moscow State University in Moscow from July 3 through July 7, 2012. ECRS-2012 is the 23rd in a series of European Cosmic Ray Symposia. 

Ashot Chilingarian (Armenia). Thunderstorm Ground Enhancements at Aragats (TGEs) ― new high-energy phenomenonoriginated in the terrestrial atmosphere.

A. Reymers. Geophysical research network at Aragats Space Environmental CenterАChilingarian, K. Arakelyan , S.Chilingaryan, A. Reymers.


Symposium Thunderstorms and Elementary Particle Acceleration (TEPA-2012)

DATES:   July 9 till July 11, 2012 

 The Thunderstorms and Elementary Particle Acceleration (TEPA-2012) conference is the second one devoted to the studies of the extreme atmospheric effects connected with amplification of electric fields in the lower atmosphere. The first TEPA conference was organized in 2010 by Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory of Armenia. TEPA–2012 will be hosted by Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia.

 Website: http://tepa2012.sinp.msu.ru/conference/tepa-2012-conference/