Citation Policy

Citation Policy


To stress the importance of proper reference and citation use in scientific publications dealing with, or using the Multivariate Nonparametric Methods developed in the Cosmic Ray Division of Yerevan Physics Institute (copyright holder, hereafter the CRD) and implemented in ANI Software package (hereafter the Software), to emphasise the derivative nature of the new physical resulsts obtained with the use of the Software, to continue our open data policy as it is stated in our Copyright Notice, to avoid possible misunderstanding that might emerge during the use and modification of Software and its source code, and to prevent possible copyright infringement claims CRD might file in case of improper citing (or the lack of due credit to the authors of Software protected by Copyright) we present this our Citation Policy document.

Document lists the topics and associated references that should be cited as the original sources of the research methodology when the Software use is incorporated in the research, and the data is obtained with the use of Software.


  1. Unified methodology of statistical inference, based on nonparametric models, in which var-ious statistical approaches (density estimation, Bayesian decision making, error rate estima-tion, feature extraction, sample control during handling, unfolding, evolutionary computa-tion, neural network models, etc...) are coherently used for data analysis in Astroparticle physics experiments.
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  2. Median method of Multivariate Probability Density Estimation and Bayes Risk estimation.
    Reference [11, 3].
  3. Method of Fractal Dimensionality determination of structures embedded in Multidimensional Metric Spaces. Dimensionality Analysis of Multiparicle Production.
    Reference [21, 6].
  4. Event-by-Event analysis of the X-ray experiment data. Determination of the Upper Boundary of the Iron Nuclei Abundance in Primary Flux, based on the Individual Event Treatment of PAMIR collaboration gamma-hadron families data base.
    References [15, 23, 17, 16, 24]
  5. Event-By-Event Analysis of the Extensive Air Showers (EAS). Estimation the Primary Type and Primary Energy for each Individual Shower.
    Reference [20]
  6. Bootstrap Method of the Estimation of the Methodical Errors of the Primary Type and Pri-mary Energy Estimation. Unfolding of Primary Cosmic Ray Mass Abundance.
    Reference [18]
  7. Selection of the Pure Beams of the Cosmic Ray Nucleus, by EAS data treatment. Tuning of the Strong Interaction Phenomenological Parameters from the Pool of Alternative Models realizations.
    Reference [19]
  8. Multivariate analysis of the Cherenkov Images of Air Showers.
    References [1, 12, 4]
  9. Neural Analysis of data from Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescope. Obtaining of record value of background suppression for Whipple Imaging telescope Crab Nebula detection (1988-1989 data).
    References [7, 9]
  10. New stochastic algorithms for Neural Network Training.
    Reference [4, 8]
  11. Multidimensional Non-linear Signal Domain Selection with Special Type of Quality Func-tion in Neural Network Training.
    Reference [13, 9, 14]
  12. ANI Code
    References [3, 10]



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