• 30/06/04
Review of reports of 28-th RCRC (Solar energetic particles and geomagnetic and atmospheric effects)
Reporter: N. Bostanjyan
Extensive air shower
Reporter: G. Hovsepyan
  • 3/06/04
4.11.2003 Big Solar Flare and Possibility of Acceleration of Ions by Interacting CME
Reporter: H.Martirosyan
  • 2/06/04
Simulation of ASEC Monitors Response to the Changes of the Space Weather Conditions
Reporter: M. Zazyan
  • 14/09/2004
 New DVIN web interface
Correction algorithms
Database usage for simple manipulation with data.
Reporter: A. Eghikyan.
  • 08/09/2004
The 19-th International CR Symposium.
Impressions and Slides.
Reporters: A. Chilingarian, G. Hovsepyan.
  • 26/05/04
New Electronics Project for Complex Installation:
Nor-Amberd Neutron Monitor and Moun Telescope
Reporter:V. Danielyan
  • 22/02/04
CRD Research Program, for the delegation of the USA National Academy of Science
Reporter: A.Chilingarian
Modernization of the ASEC DAQ
Reporter: V. Danielyan
Reporter: A.Chilingarian
  • Realtime Grid-Computing
Reporter: Dr. W. Eppler, Research Center Karlsruhe
  • Computation of proton's trajectories in Earth magnetic field
 Reporter: G. Karapetyan