Sprites above Aragats?

Date: 2 September 2019 at 10:41:47 GMT+4
To: crdusers , Evgeny Mareev , Earle Williams , Razmik Mirzoyan , maxim Dolgonosov , Johannes Knapp , "Rakov, Vladimir A."

Panoramic camera tonight registered 13-minute long period (23:16-23:29) of ultraviolent flashes in the sky above Aragats, not connected with lightning activity! We thing the salutation occurred during EOSO, last nearby lightning flash occurred at 22:31, an hour before. Note also particle flux enhancement (possibly electrons) during unprecedented long light flashes.

Gena, Surik, have we 1-second time series of photos from this period? Please, make a clip from it !
HGG and Balabek make energy spectrum!
Dear Vlad !
We wish you to overcome the Dorian without any losses! Good luck!