Mount Aragats

Aragats, the highest mountain in today's Armenia, is a single extinct volcano with a crater that has become an ice basin (about 400 m deep). This extinct volcano has formed 4 peaks: the northern peak is 4090m above sea level; the western, eastern and southern peaks are 4080m, 3916m and 3879m high respectively. 
There is a legend related to Aragats. According to the legend Grigor Lusavorich (the Illuminator) climbed to the top of Aragats for a prayer. At that time an unquenchable lantern hanging over him right from heaven appeared to him. The legend claims that the unquenchable lantern appears up to date, however only chosen people see it. This wonderful natural monument is located on 40°32' of eastern longitude; it occupies an area of 820 square km. 

   Mount Aragts is also famous for its beautiful mountain lake Kari. It is located 3250m above the sea level and has a perimeter of 1150m. From Byurakan village an asphalted automobile road stretches towards the source of Arkashen River, the lake Kari, located on a plateau below the peaks. On the eastern side of the lake there is a meteorological and scientific station.More...