2011-06-20 17:47:44

ANL complemented with two more master students

Two graduates of Yerevan State University (YSU): Hasmik Rostomyan and Hripsime Mkrtchyan made diploma theses with CRD and defended them with distinction in Yerevan State University in May.

Titles of their theses are tightly connected with ongoing CRD research, namely solar-terrestrial connections and high energy phenomena in the thunderclouds:
  • Hasmik Rostomyan: "Research of the Forbush decrease on February 18, 2011";
  • Hripsime Mkrtchyan: "The relation of the Electrical field intensity at the Earth surface to the flux of cosmic rays at the thunderstorm activity".

As scientific advisor for the both theses performed the director of CRD and Artem Alikhanyan national lab (AANL)  A. Chilingarian. YSU commission highly qualified the presented theses.

According to the new strategy adopted in AANL for the support of young scientists, both graduate students were adopted as AANL employees for further study at master courses.

Hasmic Rostomyan, furthermore, was accepted for the NASA Space Weather School in Slovakia, this July.

Figure 1. Hripsime Mkrtchyan introducing her thesis at CRD Monday seminar

Figure 2. Hasmik Rostomyan's report