2011-06-21 12:45:57

CRD employee Bagrat Mailyan defended the PhD thesis on June, 2011

Bagrat Mailyan, a gifted PhD student of CRD defended his PhD thesis  "The Energy Spectra of Thunderstorm Correlated Electrons and Gamma-rays" on the session of the Artem Alikhanyan national lab (AANL) council meeting on  June 7, 2011.

The official reviewers  Norayr Akopov from AANL and Mikhail Panasyuk from Moscow State University highly evaluated the work performed by Bagrat, mentioning that it is for the first time that energy spectra of electrons and gamma rays from the new discovered phenomena of the relativistic runaway electron avalanches were presented to scientific community.

Bagrat's supervisor Ashot Chilingarian pointed out that Bagrat during his master and PhD theses in CRD has made a great job to study cosmic ray physics models, particle detectors, methods of the data analysis and simulation of detector response. Finally he availed himself the unique chance to contribute in young age to the solution of a very important physical problem.

Bagrat will present results of his work on International cosmic ray conference in Beijing,

China this August and will participate in the competition for the post doc position in CRD, to be organized by the AANL this autumn.


Figure 1. Mailyan Bagrat presents his results on energy spectra of relativistic electrons accelerated in thunderclouds