2011-05-20 14:57:51

May 20, 2011: The road to Aragats is open

Unusual heavy snowfallsat Aragats in March and April make the opening of the road really a verydifficult endeavor. For a few days several bulldozers were moving up themountain road pushing aside huge amount of snow. When 2 days ago the firstbulldozer reached the vicinity of the station (the point before “big jump”called “katok”)   it refused to workanymore; another bulldozer from the station rushed for help and finished thework. Thanks to 2 Hrants: Muradyan and Piliposyan,  soon the gilded youth from Yerevan, Moscow andthe USA will come to taste khash in the guest house next to the station.

The CRD engineers andscientists will also continue the exciting exploration of the natural acceleratorsin the thunderstorm clouds. The new experimental laboratory building wasrepaired last year to host new networks of particle detectors. A modernautomated weather station will be installed in Aragats to correlatemeteorological and geophysical parameters. Electrical field meters andlightning detectors will be calibrated and, afterwards, a network of fieldmeters will operate in 4 sites from Yerevan to Aragats.

Figure 1. The road is open, 20 May, 2011

Figure 2. Five meters snow walls on road to Aragats will survive till the end of June

Figure 3. Struggling with snowdrifts

Figure 4. Building of the new laboratory finally opened

Figure 5. This experimental hall will soon host new particle detectors