2009-05-22 06:12:06

The first LINK Sunday School held in Nor Amberd International Conference Center

The International Institute of Management “Link” provides Professional Certificate in management of the British Open University. The program started in 2003 and delivers three British Open University Business School programmes aimed at developing management in the CIS countries:

LINK  provides distance study with support from a tutor and the student services staff at Regional Centres, as well as from centralised areas such as the Library or Open University Students Association. Distance learning also assumes reading course material, working on course activities, writing assignments and working with other students through the online conferences.

Through the whole course of education the accent is put on problem oriented approach, on the technology of the situation analyses by means of theory and concepts, drawing conclusions, setting tasks, generation and practicing of new ideas.  This approach gives the opportunity not only to gain knowledge but also work out the skill of using the course instruments, and learn how to realize them on practice.

The UK Closed Nuclear Cities Partnership (CNCP) has brought  this most flexible and accessible management education to Armenia. The commercialization of scientific ideas and technologies is the core of CNCP’s strategy for creating secure, well- paid and satisfactory jobs for former nuclear weapons specialists throughout the whole CIS (http://crd.yerphi.am/CRD_Press_Releases).

As a part of the year-long course the program provides tutorials and Sunday schools for the course participants. The tutorials aren’t compulsory and are held at the local regional center. The residential or Sunday schools are a required component to pass the course. They provide a unique opportunity for the students to train their skills and practice the knowledge gained during the distance education with the fellow students.

The first Sunday school for the participants from YerPhI and “Armatom” CJC was hold May 22-24 at the Nor-Amberd International Conference Center. Two tutors from the International Institute of Management LINK had arrived to hold the school. The schedule of the school was rather tough; nonetheless, the classes organized most skillfully, as well as the variety of activities available during those days made them really effective and successful. 

Figure 1Residential school participants from YerPhI and Armatom in front of the Conference center

Figure 2 From left to right: YerPhI director professor Ashot Chilingarian, tutors Michail Grigorev  and Valery Smirnov at the Nor Amberd International Conference Center

Figure 3 YerPhI students at the class : from left to right: Mary Zazyan, Ararat Vardanyan, tutor Michail Grigorev, school director Ivetta Kerobyan and student Michael Davtyan