2009-02-13 09:19:09

Visit of Professor Kapitsa to Yerevan Physics Institute

February 13, 2009, by invitation of YerPhI director Ashot Chilingarian, Prof. Sergei Kapitsa, the renowned Russian physicist and educator visited Yerevan Physics Institute. Professor Kapitsa is well known by his scientific research in the area of accelerator physics, his multiyear lecturing in Moscow Physics –Technical Institute  and as a presenter of the famous series of TV programs “Evident, but incredible”. Several generations of students from all soviet republics were attracted to science by watching his TV-programs. 

Kapitsa was invited in Armenia as a guest of honor of the Armenian Branch of the Institute of Eurasian Studies-a recently opened office in Yerevan. The agenda of his presentations included introduction to Mendeleev’s life, his activities and works. He also participated in the ceremony of granting 10 stipendiums after Dmitry Mendeleev to the best Armenian students, established by the foundation Institute of Eurasian Studies.

In YerPhI Kapitsa met with CRD students and introduced them with his new theory on the limits of demographic growth. According to his theory, very well confirmed by recent demographic data, the paradigm of hyperbolic growth in the end of the last century has changed and the stabilization of the world population will take place n the middle of the current century.

Figure 1 From left to right: Prof. Sergei Kapitsa, deputy director of Russian edition of Scientific American Alla Mostinskaya with Prof. Ashot Chilingarian, in his office at the Cosmic Ray Division of YerPhI.

 Figure 2 Prof. Sergei Kapitsa, delivering his presentation to the YerPhI staff in the Cosmic Ray Division’s seminar room

Figure 3 Prof. Kapitsa’s chart of the demographic growth (paradigm change)