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Alikhanyan National Laboratory (ANL)

April 2011


ANL is a non-profit seeking, non-commercial legal State institution. The founder of the ANL is the Government Republic of Armenia (RA). Government of the Republic of Armenia nominates the Ministry of Economy for ANL governance. The funding bodies for ANL are Ministry of Economy and State science committee under ministry of Science and high education. ANL owns developed technical and scientific infrastructure and significant property both land and buildings see Table 1.

2. The President of the Republic of Armenia praise for Physics for 2005 was awarded to A.Akhperjanian and V.Sahakian as well as F.Aharonian (from MPIK, Heidelberg) for the works in the field of very high energy gamma-ray astrophysics including the researches done within the framework of the HEGRA and HESS collaborations.

3. The HESS collaboration including YerPhI has won the European Union Descartes Research Prize for 2006 as a world first in the field of gamma astronomy. The prize was awarded for "the revolution of existing astronomical observation techniques and increase of our knowledge and understanding of the Milky Way and beyond."

4. The First Scientific JINR Prize in 2006, authors: N. Akopov, S. Gerasimov, O. Teryaev, A. Nagajcev for "Studies of Q2 dependence of generalized GDH integral."

5. The Second Scientific JINR Prize in 2007 - N. Akopov, I. Savin, A. Nagajcev "Studies of the spin structure function g1"

6. Dr. S. G. Arutunian is winner of the 2008 Faraday Cup Award for the development, publication and successful testing of the diagnostic system "Vibrating Wire Scanner".